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Tom Brinkmann
Tom Brinkmann, General Manager
Dealership : Audi Gainesville
Why Dealer Intelligence?
  • Visualise our KPIs
  • Enable employees to maximise their performance
  • Painless implementation process

Analyse, Simplify, Visualise

As a relatively new dealership, that also seeks to simplify the extremely complex and unwieldy world of DMS data, Audi Gainesville understood the need to be able to easily track, analyze, and visualize their own data. GM, Tom Brinkmann , explains: "Getting real insights in to our performance was critical for a small store in a new market. It certainly wasn't going to happen by relying upon just DMS reporting or internally developed spreadsheets. In fact, it was critical that we be able to analyse and visualize the data in order to make proactive and business decisions."

Getting real insights in to our performance was critical for a small store in a new market.

The Audi Gainesville team knew they needed to do something since data visualization is not particularly practical in Excel or Google Sheets.

DMS Data Has Never Looked Better

Implementing DI was a breeze.

Implementing a complex product such as a business intelligence solution can be quite an undertaking, says Brinkmann, who had worked for an OEM environments before and understood corporate environments. Dealer Intelligence, however, was a painless process. DI immediately enabled us to see our store's performance in every department and across every dimension, which really helped everyone get on the same page in terms of what was needed to make our numbers.

The Road to Success

Dealer Intelligence helps our team understand their performance and the requirements to meet their objectives.

Since then, DI has become an indispensable part of Audi Gainesville's system of performance management. "We use Dealer Intelligence to track metrics across all of our store and departments. It provides us a rapid understanding of store-wide performance and alerts us before things go wrong," says Brinkmann. In addition to enabling management to keep a finger on the pulse of the store at all times, "DI helps our employees understand their own KPIs and the requirements of meeting their goals." With DI, the Audi Gainesville team feels like a cohesive unit, that is driven by data to accomplish its targets.

It's been an awesome experience.

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