Customer Story:

Keys Auto Center

Ismet Yagci
Ismet Yagci, Business Development Director
Dealership : Keys Auto Center
Why Dealer Intelligence?
  • Centralised data
  • Real business intelligence
  • Insights across the stores and brands

Data Everywhere

Before Dealer Intelligence, we really struggled to combine our data in a centralised repository or eco-system.

Running a multi-brand dealership is no walk in the park--and it's one that left Ismet Yagci, GM of Keys Motors totally swamped with data.

It wasn't just the huge amount of data that was difficult to manage, it was that it was scattered among brands and departments. "Prior to DI, we really struggled to harness our data within a centralized eco-system," Yagci says.

Way Beyond Our Expectations

Dealer Intelligence solved our data challenges without breaking the bank.

Keys Auto Center began looking for a Business Intelligence solution that would be easy to implement and would'nt cost half of their monthly grosses. Says Yagci, "When we started looking, we found very few solutions. And upon reviewing the different providers, they offered either only dashboards with no real analytical drill-down type functionality or just reporting and for an arm-and-a leg. DI was perfect for us. We get dashboards, reports and analytics at very reasonable price."

Data Drives Real Progress

"All the managers use DI and soon Salespeople, Service Advisors and Parts Salespeople will be using it too," says Yagci. Dealer Intelligence tracks data across each store and every department. This way Yagci knows how much money he's really making on every car, not just an estimate from F&I from the DMS and how many cars he needs to sell to make the numbers.

With DI, we can track our year-over-year growth.

Dealer Intelligence has become a critical component in helping Keys Auto Center reach their objectives. "With Dealer Intelligence, we can track progress and growth," says Yagci. "And that is a game-changer."

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