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Warren Henry Automotive Group

Warren Zinn
Warren Zinn, President
Dealership : Warren Henry Automotive Group
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Messy and Scattered Data Impede Progress

Warren Henry Auto Group, voted one of the top dealerships (Automotive News Top 100 Dealerships To Work For) knows a thing or two about taking care of its employees and its customers. And it's always been a pretty low stress environment. But as the company grew by adding more stores, so did their DMS data, until it became a scattered, stress-inducing mess. As Warren Henry President, Warren Zinn explains, "We struggled before Dealer Intelligence because we were trying to compile, analyse and visualize data from several stores and brands using Excel, and it become a labor-intensive and time consuming process that's just riddled with inaccuracies. "How can you really measure your success when the data's already old by the time you've compiled it?"

Not only was visualization difficult, Warren Henry had data siloed all over the place: "We were tracking everything through daily docs and across each specific source of gross (i.e. New Car Sales, F&I, Service etc.) and across several stores, but as we started to add more stores, we quickly realized we needed a solution that would show us everything from total group performance down to details on any given RO," says Zinn.

We quickly realized we needed an integrated solution.

Challenged by disparate data and analyses, Warren Henry was also spending significant management time and effort to compile even simple reports. "Reporting from the DMS was ridiculously time-consuming, and it was like putting together a massive puzzle each month," Zinn says. It was difficult and time-consuming, but in reality, it was not really helping us to proactively manage department, store or group level performance. "We felt like we were flying blind with our daily-docs, KPIs and benchmarks. We had no way to really tell if we were on top of our efforts or and whether we were really driving business growth."

We felt like we were flying blind.

Getting Immediate Results with Dealer Intelligence

Dealer Intelligence was pretty painless in getting set up.

Determined to solve their data problems, Warren Henry signed up with DI. "DI was great to work with in getting everything set up," Zinn says, "We immediately began tracking everything from group performance to store PVRs, F&I Product Penetrations, Service ELRs and Sales Team Performance." Being able to easily track and visualize data made a huge difference at Warren Henry, and Zinn says that now, "everyone at Warren Henry--our sales, service, finance, parts, and operations and marketing and accounting departments--use DI."

Everyone at Warren Henry uses Dealer Intelligence.

There have been immediate results for Warren Henry: "DI has helped us increase our new car PVRs, while reducing department expense. With DI, we're performing better and able to optimize our efforts from marketing to operations to produce tangible results." From the first day with Dealer Intelligence, Warren Henry has been able to run a more effective, more successful dealer group.

DI Makes Life Much Easier

Dealer Intelligence saves us a ton of time and headaches.

In addition to being much more efficient, things are much easier for the Warren Henry group of stores: "DI saves us a ton of time and headaches," Zinn explains. "DI helps us manage things in real-time across the entire store base and not have to wait for managers to manually pull and compile reports (if ever). It's just been such a positive experience seeing our KPIs, analytics and reports right there for us each day."

It's been an awesome experience.

Visualization That Brings Results

With DI, we can now track everything in real-time and redirect our efforts as necessary to maximise our performance.

For Warren Henry, there's no more flying blind: "With Dealer Intelligence we can now track everything in real-time and redirect our efforts as necessary," Zinn says. Being able to see trends within a store, brand or group as they happen is key to leading the group in the right direction.

DI has helped us have a build a more cohesive team.

What are Warren Henry's favourite Dealer Intelligence features? "We love that DI offers real-time reporting of both GL and operational data for every department in every store and at such a granular level" Zinn says, "Our DMS reporting can't touch DI in terms of breadth and depth. In fact, DI has helped us build a more cohesive team and be able to see how each department and each store is performing and identify the drivers of that performance."

We absolutely recommend Dealer Intelligence.

Overall, Zinn says, "We totally recommend Dealer Intelligence. If you're not tracking your data to your bottom line, you're overspending and wasting resources. No doubt."

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